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DVD Replication

Outsourcing DVD Manufacturing to China can save you a lot of money. For DVD Replication, China is certainly the most competitive place in the world to have your DVD replication processed. The potential pitfalls are that quality standards vary greatly and it can be difficult to select a reputable manufacturer.

Replication Asia has taken the guess work out of this process for you. We've done our homework and have established international sales networks and alliances only with Asian companies that operate within stringent quality control systems. Replication Asia is very serious about quality control. There is no room for error, when dealing with customers' bulk orders .

All CD replication is completed in a dust proof environment. All CDs are tested on a variety of writers and players, to ensure compatibility with the equipment on which the CDs are destined to play. We use ISO9001 and ISO14001 suppliers so we can provide our customers with the best quality and service, at reasonable prices.

We offer production services ranging from design, through to the printing and packaging of your project. Our professional graphic designers will work in consultation with you, to facilitate an end result that exceeds your requirements.

We also supply disks that have been produced to a DVD Forum Standard, or under a Phillips Licence, if required. This is outsourced to other countries, usually India or Taiwan, as China does not work to Third Party International Quality Standards.

Using Replication Asia for your next project guarantees: a prompt response, quality production and timely delivery. We strive to provide total customer satisfaction and firmly believe that customers are our number one priority. To find our more about the products and services we offer, please contact us for further details. We are always happy to assist and respond to all enquiries.

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